Patient Protection

How California’s Nursing Care Providers are Protecting Our Seniors

Here are the facts.

97% of residents vaccinated

Ranked #1 Nursing-patient hours

Strict new safety protocols

Millions spent on medical upgrades

Scholarships and training programs

Highest Vaccination Rate

Medical staff worked around the clock to vaccinate nursing care residents. To date, 97 percent of residents are fully vaccinated – the highest vaccination rate compared to any other segment. For those who were unable to be vaccinated due to poor health, providers triaged care and administered vaccines as soon as it was safe for the patient.

Dedicated Medical Professionals

Nearly all nursing care facilities surveyed provided extra hazard compensation to retain highly-qualified and dedicated medical staff during the pandemic, and half continue to do so. Caring for our caregivers also includes cash bonuses, stipends for accommodations/childcare, and having meals delivered to reduce stress and the possibility of infection.

New Safety Protocols

Medical and caregiver personnel receive new and updated training on emergency preparedness and response developed by leading health care officials. Safety protocols are continuously reviewed and updated as new best practices are identified. 



Investment in Medical Equipment

In the past year, nursing care facilities invested millions of dollars in life-saving medical equipment to protect our patients and their dedicated caregivers. Our facilities increased reserves of PPEs and other emergency supplies to prevent shortages.

Future Caregivers

Caring for patients is not just about today. Nursing care facilities support tomorrow’s medical professionals with scholarships and financial support for ongoing professional development. It’s their commitment to their patients and their community.